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3- Month Intensive Program

Fast-track your team’s leadership growth with our 3-month intensive program. Perfect for emerging leaders ready to step up, this course focuses on three core areas:

  1. Building Authentic Leadership: Help your team discover their unique leadership styles, motivations, and values. Equip them to craft and communicate compelling visions for the future.
  2. Developing Effective Teams: Teach your leaders to recognize the unique strengths and talents within their teams, build trust, and set achievable goals and Key Performance and Key Lagging Indicators for their specific role
  3. Mastering Strategic and Management Leadership: Enhance your team’s persuasion and negotiation skills and give them the tools to set the right goals and leverage data for informed decision-making and efficient project execution.
  • Investment 1 emerging leader $
  • Investment 2 – 5 $
  • Investment for 6+ $

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Elevate Your Emerging Leaders Journey

Transform Your Team’s Potential with Our Online Leadership Programs

Build a stronger, more capable team by investing in your emerging leaders today. Choose from our intensive 3-month program or comprehensive year-long journey, both designed to equip your team with the skills they need to lead effectively and drive your business forward.

Year-Long Program for Deep Dive Leadership Growth

Embark on a transformational journey with our year-long program. Specifically designed for emerging leaders and business owners, this program offers a comprehensive understanding of effective leadership, effective management, and powerful execution strategies.

This program includes:1.

  1. Mastering the Inner Leader: Explore the depths of leadership character, identify personal ‘WHY,’ and learn to guide by core values. Build Character, Confidence and Resilience.
  2. Team Builders’ Playbook: Discover the art of knowing and building people, shaping a strong team foundation, and driving team success.
  3. Strategic Influence & Execution: Master the power play of persuasion and negotiation, lead with data, and accelerate projects with effective execution and tools to measure success.
  4. Business Strategy: Dive into strategic thinking and planning and execution mastery.

What Your Emerging Leaders Will Gain

  • Online Learning: They can learn from wherever they are.
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions: They’ll receive personalized guidance from experienced trainers every two weeks.
  • Practical Tools & Techniques: They can apply their learnings directly into your organization with our comprehensive toolkit, plus tools based on your industry.
  • Certification: They’ll receive a certificate upon completion, a testament to their commitment to leadership growth.

Invest in Your Team’s Future Today

Ready to elevate your team’s leadership? Contact us for more information on pricing on the one-year plan and enrollment. Price varies based on the number of team members taking the program.

Start the transformational journey today and shape the future leaders of your business.

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